Our goal is to tell the world, as well as the hungry film audience of our own nation seeking quality short films, with the best of the best in Indian short film making and if you feel your film should be one among them, we would love to have a look at your film.

Having made a short-film in itself is such a huge accomplishment, sometimes it can be more of a learning experience than a finished product and we understand that, however we would still love to have a look at your film even if it doesn’t make it on our website, in which case we urge you to not get discouraged but keep making more films. We watch each and every film we receive and then some. One thing to note that we are a daily blog and we do not make any money doing what we do. We do not endorse sponsored posts and We try to keep the selection process as fair as we can, keeping the opinions of multiple moderators in mind. Our sole goal for now is to introduce the audience around the world to the best filmmaking talent in India, that’s all. We do not, however, hold ourself to the ultimate judge of someone’s talent, ofcourse not. This is purely our taste of cinema, that’s all, and we sincerely hope that our taste lines with most of yours, both as filmmakers and an audience.

Our selection process works based on how a particular short-film ranks on these criteria by our growing community of moderators, each one of these criteria carrying equal value in overall apparent quality of the film for us.

Also, we do not feature music videos, we believe music videos are separate beasts altogether. We do however accept musicals or poems made as short-films.

  • Writing of the film
  • Directing Style
  • Cinematography
  • Does it inspire us as filmmakers
  • Performances of the actors
  • Use of music or sound in telling of the story
  • Does it improve on repeat viewing?
  • And finally, ofcourse the overall Film, how good the final film is.

We do not charge any Submission Fee

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