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Copyright Infringement Policy

We take copyright infringement very seriously. Under each short film article, we provide an option to report an illegally uploaded copy of your film to us. If you notice that your film has been uploaded without your consent, please write to us immediately. We will try to work with Youtube or Vimeo to report the illegally uploaded video and take it down. We will remove the link to the video with immediate effect.

We however would further request you, if you intend to publish your short-film publicly, please provide us with a Youtube/Vimeo link to the short-film, so we can tell the world about your obviously great short-film. For any reason, if you decide that your film should not be available for free public viewing, we respect that, in that case we will have to remove the concerned post as we only post articles about films that are available publicly for free viewing, either on Youtube or Vimeo.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we do not. We only talk about films that we like ourselves.

As you can see we are a magazine. And as a policy, we only talk about publicly available films either on Youtube or Vimeo. We provide an external link on each page to watch those films on their respective platforms and an embedded link on our website incase the uploader has made it available for embedding. We do not host these films on our platform in any capacity.

If you do not want us to talk about your film, you can delete your video on Youtube/Vimeo and we too will remove the film from our blog eventually, as we only talk about films that are available publicly. And in case you see an illegally uploaded version of your film on YouTube/Vimeo here on our website, please inform us as soon as possible (a form for the same is provided on each page under individual short films) and we will immediately remove the link to your short film and will work with YouTube/Vimeo to have that video removed from their site as well to protect your creative vision.

If you made your film in India, sure you can. And we will trust you if you say you’re an Indian. This is a community for short-films, it’s not a passport office. We do not take it more seriously than it should be taken. Our simple goal is to talk about good short-films made in India by Indian filmmakers, rest we leave upto the audience.

No, We do not accept music videos, we believe those deserve a whole section of their own. We do, however, accept poems or musicals primarily shot as short-films.

No, We do not accept advertisements. There could be an exception if the film is primarily made as a short-film first. But very rarely.

Oh well. We have those questions all the time for us as well… totally understand your feelings. We would recommend reading this brilliant book by Albert Camus, The Stranger (or sometimes called The Outsider), a classic on existentialism. If you’re still not satisfied, click here to watch some short-films on existentialism right here on Shorts of India. But like great questioners, we are pretty sure, you still have a lot of questions left (not necessarily for us). In any case, use the contact form above. We will find someone to answer your questions. 😉